I’m So Proud of My Wife Right Now

My wife is quitting her job.  She’s very brave.

There’s another five-letter word that starts with “b” that adequately describes her boss, but I won’t share it here, as I’ve already promised not to swear on this blog.

It takes a lot of guts to stand up to someone mean.  Especially when that mean person pays you.  But it had to happen.  And I am so proud of my wife for standing up to her horrible boss and quitting her job like it’s on fire.

I’m oddly at peace about this, even though it means we won’t have any money (please, I work part-time).  We pay our tithing, and we’ve always made pretty good financial decisions, so hopefully we’ll make it through the next few months relatively unscarred until I can graduate and get a real job (ha ha!).  Having a happy wife certainly helps.


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