Whatever Children

As what most people would still consider newlyweds, my wife and I have thought and wondered about what kind of children we are going to have, how many, how far apart, etc., etc., etc.  I confess that for a long time the thought of me, raising children, terrified me.

The Lord has taken care of most of that.  Work in the nursery!  Work in the Primary!  See, you’re not scared of children anymore!  But I still sometimes worry about my children: what if they’re born with problems?  What if they develop problems from their neurotic father?  Will they be able to make it in this big, scary world?

The answer to my fears came, interestingly enough, through President Packer, in his most recent conference talk.

“When my wife and I were first married, we decided that we would accept the children that were born to us with the responsibility attending their birth and growth.”

When I heard that, I knew we would be able to accept our children, with their good things and bad things, their strengths and weaknesses.  I knew that we would love them; that as President Packer later says, “we would give our lives if our tiny son could keep his.”  I knew that the challenges of parenting would not be too difficult for us to meet.

I’m grateful for the chance to start a family soon (No, we’re not pregnant).  I know many people who are not in such a position, nor will be in the foreseeable future.  If it helps, I’m sure we’ll be willing to rent you out a kid one of these days.


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