About that zucchini . . .

So, some busybody in our stake decided she knew better than we did when to pick our zucchini. So she picked them. Four of them. She left us a note, on our zucchini plant, saying that she had picked them. Okaaaaaaaaay . . .

If that weren’t bad enough, a few days later she called one of the counselors in our bishopric, saying she had also called us (news to us . . . ) trying to give three of the zucchini back, because she just wanted the one. His wife called my wife, extremely annoyed, because this dear soul had left the zucchini with her, and could we come get them, because each one weighed twice as much as her one-year-old. We went and got them, and now they’re sitting on our patio, big green monsters. Sigh.

Sister, if you’re going to steal our produce, at least have the goodness to keep it. Maybe now it occurs to you that we were keeping those zucchini on the vine for a reason.

Actually, I forgive her. It’s hard to be mad at someone when you visualize them desperately wondering what to do with three huge zucchini. Ha ha.


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