I’m Gay, and I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage (article)

I’m Gay, and I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage (article)

I don’t hold with the government-takeover type stuff in this article, necessarily.  But I felt like the part about family actually served to put some of my feelings in order better than I’ve been able to up to this point.  I’m not a staunch anti-gay-marriage Mormon (I used to be), but I have experienced in my own life that marriage to my wife is more fulfilling than any sexual relationship that I could have ever had with a man.  I am not sexually attracted to her femininity, but I respect it and draw strength from it. My wife and I also share an emotional intimacy and honesty that I have never experienced with anyone else in my life, man or woman.

I also feel with the (impending!) arrival of children to our home, they will need both a father and a mother to look up to.  I go to my father and mother for different things, and I know that I certainly couldn’t provide all the succor my children might need.  My wife is so much better with kids than I am, anyway!

I know that the family I want is not guaranteed me; I know that it is not possible or even desirable for everyone.  We all have our own paths to tread, some of which will lead us to very unusual places.  But my path is absolutely the right path for me.  I can’t imagine my life any other way.


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