Heaven Help Us

I’ve reproduced.

My baby is now just over 5 weeks old–I’ve barely had the energy to post to my public blog, let alone go to work, let alone also take care of my wife and child.  But today, weirdly, I feel like posting.  So I post.

I have learned a lot from Baby already.  It has given me new perspective to think that we may have had something important to accomplish in mortality, yet we enter it as babies: helpless, nearsighted, unable to regulate our own temperature or digestion very well.  It takes many years for us to become the people God wants us to be.  And He seems okay with it.  I feel that my baby is to me like I am to my Heavenly Father: He has to do everything for me, I am always crying out for help and needing attention, but He doesn’t mind attending to me because He loves me.

I’m sure there’s lots more to learn.  Hopefully I will post again.


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