Sometimes the Answer to Your Prayers Is a Kick in the Pants on Facebook

The other night I was feeling a bit discouraged about my life.  As I said my evening prayers, I felt prompted to check my phone.  It was sitting right there; I could see the little light flashing.

I thought, that’s silly.  Why would I need to check my phone now?  It’s bedtime.  But I did check it.

The little light was flashing because one of my friends had responded to a complainy post of mine on Facebook.  Basically, he told me that I should stop whining and get up and do; that I was still in my twenties, for heaven’s sake, and my life was far from over.  It was a good kick in the pants.  It was what I needed to hear.

And the funniest part is, it felt good to get a good kick in the pants on Facebook.  I felt from God that I was loved and that I was not forgotten about.  I am always grateful when the Lord chews me out with love.


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