Less Active Returned MIssionaries (Article)

Less Active Returned MIssionaries (Article)

This article is right on the money.  Being a LARM myself for several years, I can attest that it’s easy to let shame take over and not want to come back because you feel afraid.  I was comfortable sitting just outside the circle for a long time; I’m still working on getting all the way back into the mix.  It was the caring, non-judgmental example of a few friends and family that really convinced me (by which I mean reminded me) that the Gospel and the Church really were what I wanted for myself.  Now, for what it’s worth, I’m back–I’m afraid my ward members are just going to be stuck with me.


Babies Make Everything Better

Yesterday some people were being jurks on Twitter, and I read about it on the way home from work.  But then I got home and I got to play with a baby for several hours, and it made it all better.