Rules for creating a successful blog:

1.  Don’t make it about you.

2.  Post often.

3.  Don’t try to be funny.

This is my fourth attempt at creating a blog.  So far, only the second one has really been successful.  It follows the above rules very well.  This one doesn’t.  I wouldn’t say it’s completely about me.  But it sort of is: it contains no more or less than what happens to be in my head at the time.  There’s a serious purpose behind this.  My thoughts, disjointed as they may be, represent the solution I have found to the apparent contradiction that is my life.  I hope it’s entertaining, but I hope the fact that it’s entertaining bespeaks the fact that it’s possible.  My life definitely isn’t for everyone, but I hope that, whatever your contradiction is, you will keep trying until you find the answer that is best for you.  And if anything I write helps, so much the better.


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